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I recently decided my bedroom linens from college needed to go. As the demands of work and home life continue, a bedroom "sanctuary" is what I needed. I looked online, agonized over how expensive these freakin duvet covers were and ultimately did what any rational woman would do. I waited until my mom came to visit to take me shopping.

After much debate, I decided on this set from Restoration Hardware. Although it is stunning as pictured, I opted for a chocolate brown quilt under the duvet cover instead of the pictured baby blue... Overall the bed is amazing. The sheets feel like butter (tip ladies- I waited until Macy's had a sale and bought some solid sheet sets for a quarter of what Restoration Hardware sold them for). Although I fondly remember the nights propped up in bed watching TV with a glass of Pinot Noir, I gladly trade under eye bags and dehydration for a blissful nights' sleep.

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