The Memories We Fail To Capture…

Just the other day I was organizing picture albums and an interesting thought struck me. What happens to the memories we fail to capture?

There are the obvious memories we always remember:

An engagement:

A wedding:

The start of a New Year:

The last time you saw your loved one:

But what about the great memories that we don’t take pictures of? What about the meal that brought friends & family together or a moment that made you laugh so hard it brought you to tears?

Bryan and I do a solid job of taking the obligatory pictures at the most opportune times – i.e.: vacations, weddings, holidays – but what about the other hundreds of days every year that pass us by without ever getting documented?

The thought that so many of these wonderful memories get lost over time has been enough motivation for me - a new camera is officially on my wish-list for my 27th birthday!

Are there any memories you wish you had captured? I’d love to hear them!

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