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In my quest to find the perfect dessert to make for my dinner party last Saturday night, I stumbled upon the ingenious website of Angie Dudley (aka Bakerella). I remembered seeing her awhile back on Martha Stewart and thought to myself how adorable her mini cupcake bites were.

Were the mini cupcake bites so flipping cute? Yes.
Was it a realistic feat for me to attempt to make these myself? Probably not, but it’s always worth a shot.

So here I go – off to to buy all the necessary gear. My favorite part about Bakerella’s site is she not only gives you pictures each and every step of the way, but she writes out a list you can print out and take to the store with you. Watch out Michaels, I’m armed and ready to shop.

As someone who traditionally doesn’t shop at DIY places like Michaels, I was a bit intimidated at first but quickly got into a groove. I could not find the peanut butter cup molds Angie mentions, so I opted to forgo the cupcake bites in lieu of cake balls (remembering them from her website). I purchased the chocolate melts in white and blue (for the upcoming Hanukah Wine Tasting Party hubby and I are hosting) and then headed over to Whole Foods. I bought the organic chocolate cake mix by Arrowhead Mills then and went to Publix (my last destination for the day) for cream cheese frosting (too unhealthy for Whole Foods to carry).

All the ingredients are on the counter and I feel like I need a nap. No time – company will be here in four hours. The actual “baking of the cake” was the easy part. After the cake cooled, I enlisted the help of my wonderful husband to help me crumble it. We then mixed it with the frosting and shaped them into balls (hubby has now retreated to ESPN on the couch). I continue on.

After the balls have hardened in the fridge for about 20 minutes, I melt the chocolate (hubby is back to eat the chocolate melts) and begin rolling the balls. I decorated them with heart shaped sprinkles I found at Michaels and also took the liberty of packaging up some for our guests – in fun little Chinese takeout boxes from Michaels ($1 each).

All in all, they were DELICIOUS. They tasted like munchkins dipped in chocolate yummyness. Will I be making these again? So sorry Hanukkah party, but these puppies are far too much work – I need at least six months to recuperate!

The Final Product

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