My Latest Obsession - Smoothie Mania!

The Fit N Fresh line of products has me completely obsessed! It all started during a recent trip to GNC where I bought the smooth blend mixer for $24.99. I became so sick and tired of the same breakfast at work – cereal or toast – BORING! I decided I’d make the commitment to pick up some frozen fruit and an extra gallon of milk at the store each week and bring it in to the office. I've been making super tasty and health smoothies ever since! The mixer is quiet and so compact I keep it in my desk drawer when I’m not using it. As you may know, hubby and I recently moved down south - and so while i'm whipping up healthy organic smoothies in the office kitchen, the ladies in billing are nuking some bacon and grits. I am totally loving my new gadget!!

Fit N Fresh also answered my resolution to stop spending upwards of $50 a week on lunches. They make great containers to transport your lunch! Their salad bowls are awesome – they have a removable ice ring (pop in the freezer at night and you’re good to go in the morning) which keeps your salad nice and chilled. The bowl also has a separate compartment for your dressing – soggy salads be gone!!

Their breakfast bowls keep your cereal and milk separate (with a removable ice ring inside to keep your milk nice and cold during transport!).  I really can’t say enough good things about this line – go check out their website and see for yourself. Whether you're buying some products for you or your kids-  this line will not dissapoint!

I feel like so many of us get complacent when it comes to eating heathfully at work. For those of you who are trying either eat healthier or save money eating out, what are some of the solutions you've come up with?

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