The Sexiest Loafer You'll Ever Wear

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I took myself shopping for all things sexy. I had no idea I'd discover shoe nirvana along the way.

For those that don't know me, I'm 5'1 and a high heel aficionado. I shop with the sole (no pun intended) intent of finding sexy 4"+ shoes and every once in awhile, stumble upon something fantastic. Enter Jessica Simpson's Ikina Heels.

Now I don't mean to sound obnoxious here, but when it comes to footwear, I tend to lean towards Prada and Gucci. Something about those gold "G's" on the back of my heel put a little extra spring in my step! Unfortunately they don't have the same effect on my husband. So, in an attempt to keep everything PC at home, I skipped Neiman's on my recent trip to the mall and headed into Macy's. I walked past the Lush counter, made a quick turn after the handbags and BOOM! I stood face to face with quite possibly one of the most bad ass pair of heels I've seen in awhile.

4 1/2" inches of pure unadulterated sexiness! Platform peep toe meets penny loafer.

If you share my obsession with sexy heels, you can purchase these pretty much at any large department store or on Zappos.com (free shipping to boot!)

Buy them now, thank me later!


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  1. I love (and so does my wallet) how high fashion trickles down to the more affordable departments stores, so we can all enjoy it :-) Christain Louboutin came up with a similar pair of high-heel loafers a couple of years ago, and I remember thinking: now THAT is the kind of shoe I'd wear if I worked in an office ;-) no "sensible pumps" here, thank you very much :-D