Infidelity? Just say No!

Given all the recent attention to Tiger Woods and his obnoxiously multiple infidelities, I'm left baffled and wondering why all of these men with wealth, health and happiness (and hot wives to boot!) ruin quite possibly the best thing they had going. Take a look at just some famous women subject to this public humiliation:

Halle Berry - her husband Eric Benet claimed to be a "sex addict"

Christie Brinkley - her husband cheated on her with an 18-year old receptionist!

Brigitte Moynahan - Tom Brady knocked her up and left for Gisele

Ali Larter - who cheats on the hot Doritos girl?! And who cheats during your bachelor party? Way to go Mario Lopez!

Elizabeth Hurley - her boyfriend Hugh Grant picked up a hooker on the side of the street in LA! And she stayed with him for another 5 years

So why do men cheat? A well-known therapist recently did a study and found three major reasons:

- Not enough satisfying sex.

- Not enough affective affirmation.

- Poor communication.

Although my year and a half of marriage by no means makes me an expert (and quite frankly, I don't believe any of us are "experts"), I do believe there are a few necessities in making marriage work:

1. Always make each other a priority - work, friends, hobbies - NOTHING is more important than your spouse knowing you're there for them

2. Turn off the bberry (this sort of ties into #1)

3. Communicate! The old adage is partially true that men don't love to discuss warm and mushy things like "feelings" but when an important issue arises, it is crucial to discuss them with your partner.

There are so many things that make a marriage strong, but if you want to focus your efforts on just a few, eating cookie dough together in your pjs, monthly Brazilians, laughing until you're about to pee your pants and always remaining best friends almost guarantee a happy ending.

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  1. Love this! I def think that you have to "put your time in" to make the marriage work...trust me, as a married woman with a job, a husband, graduate degree in process, husband in school, adorable puppy, workout schedule, and packed out social calendar, sometimes the most important thing to do is do nothing and lounge with your lover :)