Holy Health Kick!!

My New Year's Resolution begins NOW.

I know, two days early, but it's here nonetheless.

To save you from complete triteness, I'm going to spare you the whole "I want to lose 10 pounds" shpeal. Instead my resolution is a bit more generic. I simply want to live a healthier life.

My exercise routine consists of my hubby dragging me to the gym twice a month. That's right. Twice a MONTH. I usually go kicking and screaming and leaving either skipping my way home or throwing up (yes, that happened the last time. Perhaps a 7 minute mile on the treadmill was pushing it juuuust a hair too much for my bi-weekly workouts).

Today I joined the gym. I'm buying a sports bra and updating my ipod. 2010 will be the year I get into a fitness regimen. I don't know why going to the gym 4-5 times a week has seemed so daunting in the past, but I'm ready to do what it takes to make it happen. (This MIGHT very well mean the 5:45am spinning class. EEK!)
My eating habits are already fairly healthy, although I love to indulge in the occasional brownie, cookie or 2+ glasses of wine. I'm going to vow to start bringing my lunch to work more often. Those $10 a meal lunches with co-workers aren't only impeding on my "saving for a down payment" plans but they're also doing my midsection no good.

A starting point will help me track my results and since I've never owned a scale, measurements are my preffered method. 35-28-36.
Ok, not terrible. I'd have to say my goal is 35-26.5-35. Reasonable? I think so. Attainable? Better be - and I'm going to work my butt off to find out!

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