Clean Eating

We often worry about keeping a clean house, but rarely worry about keeping a clean diet. A recent conversation I had with a friend who has been a professional dead-lifter got me thinking...

Let me give you the background story. I recently approached my friend frustrated that after nearly six moths of 5x p/week workouts, I still don't have those flat abs I've been dying for! She assessed my workouts and said they all look great but I needed to remember one thing. Abs are made in the kitchen.

Interesting, no?

This got me thinking - I need to take a serious look at my diet and start holding myself accountable.

Starting immediately I revamped my lunch (which I usually eat at my desk since I workout during my lunch hour). Here is what my "clean" lunch looked like. Baby spinach, organic goat cheese, sliced strawberries and dried cranberries. Organic baby carrots on the side and 24 oz of water. What's your version of clean eating??

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